Aug 5, 2009

Fiesta de Lavapies begins earlier than expected

Photo of the dragon sized bbq grill, a posh newcomer to bohemian Lavapies's San Lorenzo Fiesta, taken by me.

Celebration of the barrio's patron saint, San Lorenzo, usually begins the weekend before the 10th of August, the actual saint day. So I was quite surprised to see the trucks and stalls being set up as I walked down calle Argumosa on Saturday (Aug 1st).

The smell of cooking churros and meat flooded me with memories of 1 am jaunts for churros dipped in chocolate, skewers of bbq meat for dinner and drinking mojitos on the street with someone who is no longer available for such spontaneous outings and that filled me with sadness - sorrow once again climbed on my back and took me for a trot around town.

Fortunately on Sunday, a girl friend and I went to the fiesta together and we had a very lovely evening talking about men, art, life and spanish idiosyncrasies over sangria and skewered bbq meat. I formed new memories to layer over the the old ones and soften the sting. And I suppose that's one way to cope with living in a place that's haunted by people who have left. You make new friends and new memories so that a new collage of a place is created.

Scenes from last year's fiesta: An August night, Dancing in the streets of Lavapiés


Sirio said...

yes you do, that's exactly it.

....I miss Mad.

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