Sep 4, 2009

Mi Casa, home sweet home! Finally!

The balcony in the morning light:

The living room:

The floor tiles:
The throne:
The wall clock:
One hundred year old books:
Me reflecting upon the kitchen bathroom space
The view in the afternoon:
The view at sunset:

All photos by me.

To find out how I found this apartment, read Adventures in Piso Hunting (revisited): 19 was the magic number. To find out why I had to move from my last place read, Escape to Atazar.


bruce said...

your new place is the veritable business!

Shehani said...

Sure is! Did you notice? I gave your plant a nice new home.

bruce said...

yes, i see it. shit! i miss now madrid now. as we continue to look for a place, i´m super mega envious about your find

Shehani said...

You'll find something awesome!! Sydney style!! buena suerte!

sirio said...

I love it too. When I return I'd love to find somewhere like that...

Shehani said...

It's pretty sweet but as winter approaches, i'm a little scared... there's no central heating so it's going to be cold. we'll have to get plug in radiators so it'll also be expensive to boot :(

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