Sep 8, 2008

Virgen del Cisne procession in Lavapiés

Yesterday, I was at the right place that the right time and got another lucky photo opportunity. We had just entered Plaza Lavapiés on our way back from San Isidro Cemetery (photos to come) when we heard the brass horns and happened upon this procession making its way from San Lorenzo church on Calle de la Fe for a spin around the Plaza.

First came the pious boys and the priest...

Then a multi-ethnic procession of colourful traditional costumes...

Followed by the brass band in black suits...

Then the Lady herself floated by carried on the shoulders of her worshipers. The people holding hands in front of the idol are the vanguards clearing the way for Our Lady of the Swan.

Churona, the Virgen del Cisne (Lady of the Swan) is the patron saint of Ecuador and the object of great devotion in the South American country. This procession carries on a 400 year-old tradition of la Virgen del Cisne that goes back to the arrival of the Spaniards in Ecuador. 

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